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Donors continue to send school supplies and financial support for our upcoming shipment to Fais. Habele board members will also be seeking donations and publisher contacts at this weekend’s South Carolina Book Festival. There is still time to send your books!

Micro Finance as a tool for aid-in-development has been in the news again. While Muhammad Yunus was awarded a Nobel Prize for "efforts to create economic and social development from below" others argue that emerging markets need to fully embrace the rule of law and private property rights before they can functionally absorb the infusion of direct aid.

Quick introduction can be found at Wikipedia’s Micro Finance Entry. Also check out:

A Second Look at Microfinance:The Sequence of Growth and Credit in Economic History by Thomas Dichter of Cato’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity.

How the Scope of Government Shapes the Wealth of Nations by Brett D. Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation.

Governance and Foreign Aid Allocation Rand Graduate School Dissertation by Hamilton T. Akramov.

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