Palmetto State Democrats Donate to Local Charity Serving Micronesian Students

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 7, 2006
The South Carolina Democratic Party today donated t-shirts and tote bags to the Habele Outer Island Education Fund, a non-profit organization that serves students and teachers in Micronesia.

Habele will send the supplies to public schools on the Island of Yap and the remote Atoll of Ulithi, both located in a portion of the Central Pacific Ocean formerly administered by the United States.

“The Federated States of Micronesia is one of the most isolated and underdeveloped nations in the world, and this kind donation is headed to the most impoverished portion of it,” said Neil Mellen, president of the Fund. “We were just glad we could help,” said Shameka Grayson, operations manager for the State Democratic Party.

In addition to channeling donations to the islands, Habele also awards scholarships and grants to students from Micronesia. The fund promotes educational opportunity and accomplishment by working with community leaders, local teachers, clergy, Peace Corps Volunteers, and parents in the islands. Independent school scholarships are awarded to capable and deserving students. The intent is to promote students’ personal development, as well as to expand the range of educational choices in the region.

The Fund, a non-partisan organization, has also received donations and contributions from prominent South Carolinian Republicans. Former state legislator and candidate for Treasurer, Rick Quinn donated several boxes of shirts last summer.

“We’re a-political,” said Mellen, a former Peace Corps volunteer himself. “Our role is to promote opportunities for educational empowerment in a former US territory and that is something we can all support.”

For more information about the Habele Outer Island Education Fund visit www.habele.org