First FSM Citizen Donation

Habele has received its first financial donation from a Micronesian citizen this week.

Tom Lutte, the fund’s Treasurer explained “This is really amazing. We have received great support from the Outer Island community, so much time and talent, so much ownership, but we never expected financial inputs as well!” The donor, a Ulithian who is living and working in the United States, asked to remain anonymous. He simply noted:

I have been lucky, and landed some unique opportunities here in the US. Sadly this was the result of exceptional circumstance. Most Outer Islanders have no way to move out or up. Education can change that – now tell those kids to study!

The Habele Outer Island Education has announced two scholarships for 2006-07, awarded to girls attending Bethania High School in Palau, and will be mailing checks to the school later this month.