Donated T-Shirts (thanks Rick!)

South Carolinian political candidates are pitching in to help Habele, a nonprofit scholarship granting organization based in Columbia. Rick Quinn was the first to donate t-shirts, which Habele will be shipping to elementary schools in the Outer Islands of Micronesia, a string of isolated atolls in the Central Pacific.

“The Outer Islands of Micronesia are home to some of the most isolated and underdeveloped villages in the world,” said Neil Mellen, founder of Habele. “These shirts will mean a great deal to the students and teachers who receive them.”

The t-shirts, as well as office supplies, will be mailed in the coming days to ensure they reach Micronesia in time for next school year. Habele is working with candidates from both parties to gather more shirts and supplies.

Habele was founded by a group of returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and provides material assistance to Micronesian public schools in addition to its scholarships and grants for Outer Island students who attend independent boarding schools in the district centers.

To learn more, and found out how you can help, visit the Habele Outer Island Education Fund website at Habele.org