Bethania High School

Bethania is an all-girls parochial school in Ngaraard, Palau. The school provides a significantly more comprehensive curriculum than the public schools in the Outer Islands of Yap or Palau.

For the girls from the Outer Islands, the location of Bethania in Palau allows for more a more egalitarian climate, compared to schools on Yap Proper where the deep-rooted caste systems remains a part of everyday life.

Another important trait of Bethania, the single gender student body, is exceptional in a region with limited opportunities for females to pursue educational and occupational advancement.

Unfortunately few families in the Outer Islands have the financial capacity to send their daughters to Bethania. The founders of Habele have been sponsoring students since 2003. Habele is now working to raise the funds to maintain these scholarship through to net school year.

The recently released 2006-07 Tuition Schedule is:

Freshman - $1,412.00
Sophomore - $1,415.00
Junior - $1,395.00
Senior - $1,716.50

Based on these rates, Habele hopes to raise $2,810 for next school year. You can help by out by making a online contribution through PayPal.

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